The best words and thoughts the Sages of India

Image The best words and thoughts the Sages of India

India, which is the homeland of the peace ambassador, Prem Rawat, is famous for the presence of many sages. They left their wise words, quotes and thoughts for the current generation so that they can be used in our daily lives in order to take lessons from them. Let us take a little look back to refresh our memories and analyze the best sayings among those. Visit  to learn more information about Prem Rawat.

A word from Gandhi

This sage of India said, " Non-violence is infinitely superior to violence, forgiveness is a lot stronger than retribution. Forgiveness is a soldier's ornament ". This word encourages people not to resort to the use of violence in conflict management. In fact, in our daily life, when we forgive to those who did something wrong to us, they may either feel ashamed, or their conscience won't let them have minded tranquility.

Moreover, by forgiving the other, you can feel peace deeply within your soul, which will save you from burdening your heart with grudges. In fact, this quote conveys a message, which aims at encouraging people to maintain peace, even if you have endured injustice.

More words from Gandhi

One of the wise words stated by this renowned politician is: " You can only defeat your enemy with love, rather than with hatred. Hatred is the most subtle form of violence. Antipathy hurts the one who hates, but not the one who is hated ".

Many times, violence is caused by aversion. Yet, to defend yourself against the antagonist who is filled with hatred, it is essential to give way to love. In fact, resentment hurts the one who feels it more than the one who caused it to happen. This person will always feel bad, and will never feel inner peace whenever he or she comes across with the concerned individual. Apathy is far from being a noble feeling.

A word of wisdom from Ma AnandaMoyi

This sage stated: " It is not from the outside world that you can find peace. Dig deep inside yourself, then you will discover the most valuable pearl ". Prem Rawat has probably taken the teachings of this sage, because he says that it is primordial that peace is felt by each individual, but not by the world.

This word motivates us to take the initiative to find inner peace by ourselves. The outside world cannot provide us with the kind of peace that we are looking for. This is why it is usually recommended to go on a spiritual retreat when any individual lives through difficult times.

The word of wisdom from Chandra Swami 

Chandra Swami said: " Wherever he goes, whatever disguise he may put on, man will never find peace, no matter what he does, if his mind is scattered and if he is passion's play item ". This word, however, warns men not to rely on their passions. In contrast, it subtly advises men to focus more on what is important, and to avoid having scattered spirit.

Quite often, we tend to avoid the dark side of their life in order to find peace.

However, this word of wisdom advises not to run away, but instead, it is necessary to cope with your conscience if you are looking for peace. Beside this, it has been often said that in order to attain mind tranquility, the best thing to do is to confront yourself. Anyone who has not yet entered this phase cannot say that they have peace within their soul.