30 Oct 2019

Who are the spiritual guides?

Who are the spiritual guides?

The spiritual world is so vast. It cannot be recapitulated into either faith or religions. It can still be divided into many categories according to how it influences our lives. Furthermore, when we feel the need to enter into this world the most, some interdimensional beings come into force to provide help.

These are known as spiritual leaders. They give us helping hands to help a spiritual person while providing him with incredible talents. The best thing is that under the guiding of the spiritual leaders, you can improve in your life. So, who are the spiritual guides?

Interdimensional beings

Since they belong to a completely different dimension, spiritual beings have far more evolved than human beings. They live in an idealistic dimension, which is known as the intellectual dimension. Their dimension can put an end to any contraints in human lives.

They are never materialistic. This is why they are called spiritual guides. We can even say that they are spirits and can only contact us through our spirit. They have issued from the transcendence dimension of space and time.

Free spirits

As far as their appearance is concerned, they are not endowed with neither physical property nor a body. In other words, the interdimensional beings act through one's self-awareness, providing him with all the necessities in time of need. They are free, as they are subjected to neither dualism nor gravitation, nor self, nor wounds, nor contrasts, nor to any human constraints. They are so pure that they can help us to become fully evolved.

Endowed with different perspectives

Being free and pure, they never share the points of view of humans; however, they can understand those. Essentially, their perspective remains at another level. Basically, we cannot understand their vision; nevertheless, they are harmless and quite obliging.

They do favors to humans. It is common knowledge that they have helped humans to evolve in their existence. Even so, they do not give any order, and do not make any judgment. Their goal is to impart us with the knowledge about our way of life and personality traits.

A unique nature

Each spiritual leader behaves differently. Each has quite different character traits from the other. Some of them may be perceived as a collective conscience; others may have the form of an individual conscience. In contrast, the Totemism believes that spiritual guides have an animal nature, and they are represented into different shapes and body. But that matters less.

A source of inspiration and energy for humans

Due to their different characteristics, spiritual guides are endowed with different kinds of skills. However, in every field, they never provide any negative help. In case of the need for positive evolution, they are able to give everything in terms of both physical and intellectual ability. As a result, they can inspire and give strength to man.

Beside this, spiritual leaders are very helpful in the endeavor to maintain peace in the world. According to Prem Rawat, peace starts from everyone. He is an ambassador of peace and a messenger who shares messages of peace to humans so that peace reigns in the society. For this purpose, it is essential to call for guidance from the spiritual leaders to help Prem Rawat to reach his objectives.